Unlocking Location Data for Developers and Businesses

EasyAPI is a SaaS business that provides developers and businesses with simple APIs for retrieving time zone, location, and address data. It removes the headaches of finding and managing complex location-based information.

Background - From Side Project to Full Business

Before EasyAPI, its founders started developing APIs for specific small business use cases that addressed their needs. Slowly, they started to realize small businesses of all kinds struggled with location-based data. So, they took this as an opportunity to expand the capabilities of the APIs they’ve developed and eventually launched EasyAPI as a complete location data SaaS.

The Problem - Difficulties with Location Data

EasyAPI aimed to solve common problems around location and time zone data. Developers struggled to find accurate, up-to-date sources for this type of information. Handling the complexity of location data across projects was time-consuming. There was no single unified API to retrieve the details needed. For small businesses, managing time zones and locations across global customers created headaches.

EasyAPI’s Solution - Simple Location APIs

The EasyAPI solution focuses on 4 core RESTful APIs:

  • Timezone Detection: Using a simple API call, timezone detection automatically detects time zones from IP addresses and locations.
  • Address Lookup: To retrieve normalized address and location data from addresses, this API returns structured location information to power personalized experiences based on the user’s location.
  • Geo Location: By acquiring detailed location data including latitude and longitude from IP addresses or domains, you can retrieve precise geo-location details for mapping and proximity-based applications.
  • Time Zone Comparison: This API makes it easy to calculate time differences across regions and compares time zones between any two locations.

These APIs provide global coverage with an easy integration process for apps and websites. With a free trial plan and usage-based paid plans, EasyAPI works for every project.

How Companies Can Leverage EasyAPI

Since launching, EasyAPI has seen tremendous growth in its customer base of developers and businesses across industries. Companies can integrate EasyAPI in a variety of ways to optimize their location-based needs. A few common use cases include:

  • E-commerce sites can use the Address Lookup API to auto-fill shipping addresses at checkout for a smoother user experience.
  • Ridesharing and delivery apps can call the Geo Location API to match drivers to riders based on real-time proximity.
  • Global SaaS companies can use Time Zone Detection to display dates and times customized to each user’s time zone.
  • HR software can leverage Time Zone Comparison to schedule meetings and events between offices in different time zones.

By focusing on simplicity, EasyAPI empowers companies of all sizes to easily integrate powerful location services into their applications and products.